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Up to McGill's
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Released in 2001, this is primarily a singer-songwriter album showcasing Chris Coombs. He had a number of songs that he wanted to release, and Mike Levon had the words for several more. Of the twelve songs Mike contributed lyrics for half of them. Instrumentation was kept to a minimum with Chris on vocals, guitar, harmonica and keyboards. Mike also added some spoken poetry and percussion, and Pete Taylor was responsible for recording the Rhodes and upright piano. These beautifully crafted songs deserve more recognition.


  1. 54 Days and Nights (Watching the Costume Drama) - (Coombs)
  2. Wyndham (The Bridge) - (Levon-Coombs)
  3. Driving into the Wind - (Coombs)
  4. Brown with Blue - (Coombs)
  5. These are the Hands - (Coombs)
  6. Looking Back on Gillian - (Levon-Coombs)
  7. Loving Signs - (Levon-Coombs)
  8. Café - (Coombs)
  9. One Born Every Minute - (Coombs)
  10. Nothing Rhymes with Lonely - (Levon-Coombs)
  11. Coming Up for Air - (Levon-Coombs)
  12. Still Life I Still Life - (Levon-Coombs)

  Chris Coombs c. 2007